Why Magnatec Stop

Why Magnatec Stop-Start? When driving in stop-start conditions, the engine speeds varies a lot, as you brake, stop, idle and start again, causing microscopic wear to the critical parts of the engine. Also when idling, loads on critical engine parts can be up to 60% higher than at highway speeds, causing more damage. Partnering with […]

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Happpy Birthday GTX

On 28 February 1968 Castrol® GTX® was born.  When it was introduced, the Beatles were driving Minis, Bill Gates was 12 years old and was 17 years away from launching Microsoft Windows, and it would be 36 years before anyone would hear the word ‘Facebook’. Today Castrol® GTX® is helping to extend the life of an estimated 100 million […]

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RENAULT SPORT RACING AND BP STRENGTHEN STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIP BP CASTROL EXTENDS SPONSORSHIP OF RENAULT SPORT RACING BY AT LEAST FIVE YEARS. London, 5 February 2018. BP and Groupe Renault, through Renault Sport Racing, have today announced a significant strengthening of their relationship, which will see the global energy company continue its support of the Renault […]

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