Transmax Axle Long Life 75W-90


Full synthetic rear axle fluid, formulated with Smooth Drive Technologyᵀᴹ, for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Approved by MAN, Scania and ZF and specially designed and approved by BMW for use in all BMW final drives fitted with conventional (non-limited slip) differentials.

Product Description

Transmax Axle Long Life 75W-90, formulated with Smooth Drive TechnologyTM, is a full synthetic rear axle fluid.

  • It provides superior protection, especially when driving under stop-start or in extreme conditions e.g. towing.
  • This enables smoother axle operation and noise reduction, resulting in a more comfortable drive throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.
  • Specially designed and approved by BMW for use in all BMW final drives fitted with conventional (non limited slip) differentials.
  • It is Castrol’s prime recommendation for final drives in heavy commercial vehicles and is approved by MAN, Scania, and ZF.
  • Previously called SYNTRAX LONG LIFE 75W-90

    •  API GL-5
    • MAN 342 S1
    • ZF TE-ML 05A, 12B, 17B, 19C, 21A
    • BMW (Non-Limited Slip Rear Axles) According to Service Instruction 33 01 96 (149

Product Data Sheet – Transmax Axle Long Life 75W-90

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