Premium Heavy Duty Plus 18KG

Premium Heavy Duty Plus 18KG


18KG Unique Hydro-Activated Technology

Product Description

  • Castrol Premium Heavy Duty Plus offers superior levels of performance for both on and off-highway commercial vehicles, construction vehicles and associated equipment that have the potential to operate in very wet environments.
  • Castrol Premium Heavy Duty Plus combines excellent thermal and structural stability with superior water resistance to ensure exceptional life performance in slow speed, heavily loaded plain and rolling element bearings.
  • The unique ability of Castrol Premium Heavy Duty Plus to progressively increase in tackiness and adhesion with continued exposure to water means the grease is particularly resistant to softening and wash out in applications exposed to high levels of vibration, sliding and reciprocating motion such as bucket pins, bushes, joints and hinges.

Product Data Sheet – Premium Heavy Duty Plus

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