Walsh Lubricants shall promote safe, reliable and sustainable operations to achieve our goal of zero harm to people, assets and the environment.



  • We believe that all work-related incidents are preventable by implementing
  • We shall continuously strive for zero harm to personnel, environment and assets through collaboration with our people and supply chain.
  • We shall focus on our employee’s personal health, safety and well-being and continuously improving the work environment.
  • We shall ensure that security risks to personnel and assets are effectively
  • We shall identify and monitor major accident hazards in our activities, deliverables and operations by focusing on process safety.
  • We shall conduct our operations through efficient use of materials and
  • We shall use products and avail of services that have little or no undue environmental impact, to be safe and to be efficient in consuming energy and natural resources.
  • We shall provide the right level of resources to ensure that this policy is implemented




  • We are personally committed to HSSE and take individual responsibility by focusing on our own behaviour, caring for each other and intervening when required.
  • We apply a systematic and measurable approach to continually improve HSSE culture and performance.
  • We facilitate for participation, listen to our workers and cooperate actively with the industry to continuously improve our processes and evolve throughout the value chain.
  • We bring with us our high HSSE standards wherever we do business and hold each other accountable.
  • We openly communicate HSSE issues and performance, and share and learn from industry best practices and lessons learned.
  • We include HSSE performance in the selection, appraisal and reward of our staff.
  • We integrate HSSE in all business processes.


 Jan 2023