Overview: Founded in 1999, Walsh Lubricants specialises in the storage and nationwide distribution of a wide range of premium quality lubricants and greases across Ireland.

Our Commitment: We believe that our success is driven by our team’s dedication to providing customers with the products they need, precisely when and where they need them.

Services and Capabilities:

  • Expert Technical Advice: Our highly experienced Accounts Managers offer the latest technical advice on various brands and specifications.
  • Sales Support and Training: We provide ongoing sales support and training to our team to ensure exceptional customer service.
  • Efficient Delivery: We guarantee prompt and efficient delivery using our in-house fleet and a reliable network of transport companies.
  • Extensive Warehouse Capacity: With a storage capacity of half a million litres, we always have stock on hand to meet your needs quickly.

Nationwide Reach: Our local area managers are eager to discuss our extensive range of high-quality lubricants, greases, and additives, along with the support available for you.


  • Choice of Premier Brands: We offer a selection of top-tier brands, ensuring you receive the best products available.
  • Extend Engine Life: Our premium lubricants help extend the life of your vehicle and machinery engines, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Let us help you meet the lubrication needs of your vehicles and machinery. Together, we can enhance performance and ensure reliability.